The Tools


These are the top tools we’ve used during our 25 years in business that have allowed us to help other businesses revitalize, reposition, and reinvent themselves.

These tools were created to help you align your team, build buy-in, inspire new ideas/validate existing ones, and document every idea sparked in your brainstorm sessions.

We’ve simplified each activity, but all of these exercises can be scaled up by adding more participants or by incorporating qualitative and quantitative research.

"We believe our tools can help you build confidence in yourself and those around you."

"Workshopping creative ideas with the Vantage team has been invaluable to The Dream Factory."

"The exercises took what was hard for us to put into words, made it apparent, and, more importantly, actionable. Vantage really nailed it!"

"We had a lot of great feedback from our staff about what a huge value the workshopping was."

"Their process encourages you to think big picture and communicate more effectively."

"Incredible team-building experience. I’m very excited about how we’re going to be able to tell our story going forward."

The Download

We have selected 18 of our most popular activities including a Warm Up to get your team in the zone, Magic Wand and Magic Lamp for big thinking in little time, and Success Stories, Sailboat, and Business Model to inspire and align your ideas.

The Experience

We have experience in countless industries with hundreds of distinct clients. Here are just some of the brands we've had the pleasure to work with.

Tourism Winnipeg
Red Bull
Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
Goodlife Fitness
Arthritis Society