Social Media Management


Growth. No matter your business, growth is the goal. You want to reach new audiences and take your projects to new heights. Over the years, the definition of growth hasn’t changed, but the way you achieve it has. The times of direct mail and business card rolodexes are over. We now live in a digital world and it’s time for digital growth.


Any business owner who hasn’t invested in their online community is already behind. The cost of paid advertising is on the rise, soon digital advertising is going to be completely unaffordable for small businesses. Don’t worry, there’s still hope.


Nurturing your online community takes more than just money, it takes time. Social media marketing can’t be an afterthought, it needs your undivided attention. That’s where we come in.


Tag Marketing is Vantage Studios’ social media division. We are completely dedicated to navigating the ever-changing digital world. We take the time to build meaningful connections with your online following using a mix of paid and organic strategies. Our plan is to expertly align your social strategies with your business goals. We practice a “living marketing plan” which means we’re ready to adapt. By tracking digital trends, we can anticipate and embrace change.


We have managed over 250 social accounts in various innovative industries such as health and wellness, tech, home builders, and the arts.


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