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Our VantagePoint™ Workshops are designed to help you revitalize, reposition, and reinvent your brand. With a series of group activities, these workshops set the stage to help you discover key insights that can lead to major leaps forward.

Customized workshopping tools help you align your team, build buy-in, inspire new ideas, and validate existing ones. The group activities invite your team members to share their new or unspoken ideas and insights using a combination of words and sketches. By welcoming this collaborative brainstorming, you can boost creative confidence and improve your team’s dynamic. This is a chance to break out of your comfort zone, look at your brand from new perspectives, strengthen your team, and put your most exciting ideas into action.

An essential first step for projects in branding, marketing, social media, product innovation, and experience design.

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Social Media

With nearly half the world’s population being social media users, social media marketing has incredible potential. Once you cut through the clutter, you’ll find an accessible environment where you can meaningfully interact with your audience.

Sharing authentic, transparent, and valuable content with your audience will help you earn engagement, attract more of the right audience, and grow your customer community without relying solely on paid advertising.

We can assist your internal team with social strategy, topic selection, cadence, and engagement, or take care of everything from planning to publishing and beyond.


Online Marketing

From brand-building campaigns to daily testing and optimization, our team works to help you develop messaging that is seen, heard, and acted on.

Our approach to lead generation starts with establishing your comfort zone. Then we tailor each ad to suit you and your audience. We can incorporate tracking and automations to streamline your manual qualification and workflow processes. Our “always on” mindset means we distribute our resources to make the most of your advertising efforts, rather than investing all our energy into launching a single campaign.

We understand that what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. We continually evaluate how changes in technology and the competitive landscape might impact your ads. Then we can adapt our plans to stay ahead of the game. With a focus on targeting, positioning, goal documentation, and transparency, we can enhance the creativity and innovation of your advertising efforts.



Digital alternatives to in-person experiences are becoming increasingly preferred and, in some cases, essential.

Investing in the right digital tactics saves time, enhances convenience, and helps you create a more motivating experience for your customer.

It’s never too late for your brand to enter the digital marketing game. Our team will analyze your objectives and implement a harmonious digital strategy to help you access new markets, improve your margins, reduce costs, increase your value proposition, and earn sustainable growth.



Your brand is your identity and your reputation. If your brand is not relevant or distinct, you will always struggle to break through to the next level.

Our team offers strategy and design services to revive or reinvent your brand. With our empathy-centred approach, we tackle the 3 Cs of branding troubles: cash, clutter, and consistency.

We determine how to invest your brand’s time, energy, and empathy in order to establish a brand that is not only visually enticing, but one that has the proper documents in place to provide a consistent and cohesive experience. A brand that attracts the right audience and repels the wrong one.

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