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Case Study: Reimagine business


Make Winnipeg’s business community pandemic-proof.

In workshopping, we found that relief and recovery for local businesses would only offer a temporary solution. As much as local business owners needed tools and resources, they needed to change their relationship with change.

On the surface, this campaign would need to grow The Chamber’s content hub and event engagement, as well as increase content consumption, page views, downloads, and virtual event attendance. At the heart of this work, we had one goal for the long-run: change the mindset of Winnipeg’s business community. We needed to foster a community that is unafraid of change, one that adapts and pivots daily.


With the Reimagine campaign, we encouraged Winnipeg business owners to embrace change as an opportunity to grow and discover the full potential of their business. To reimagine what change can do.

We held individual interviews with local business owners who have shifted their business plans in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. Each interviewee shared their experience and their thoughts on embracing change. Their stories were shared through blogs and videos posted to the WCC website and social media channels, which were promoted with digital and print ads. WCC events were promoted with digital ads that received a new look to match the campaign. A “share your story/nominate” page was added to the WCC website to encourage other Winnipeg business owners to share how they’ve recently adapted their business.


The campaign has attracted multiple community nominations, which have allowed us to connect with more change-embracing business owners. This has naturally led to a steady flow of new content. Overall, we have promoted local businesses, positioned the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce as an empowering resource for the Winnipeg business community, and encouraged business owners across the city to reimagine what success looks like as we embark into a new normal.


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