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Case Study: The future of annual reports


Create a modern annual report that showcases the impact The Dream Factory has on its community and how people can further support the organization.

By showing how financial contributions are used within an organization, impact reports help reassure and secure previous donors, as well as attract new donors. However, impact reports are often in the form of a PDF and/or housed on an organization’s website, making them inconvenient to read and easily ignored.


The idea with The Dream Factory Tour was to bring the annual report to the people. Our team created an Instagram-based annual report that shared impact stories, fundraising efforts, and other Dream Factory details (as organized and supplied by the client) in the form of easily digestible Instagram captions.

Instagram is already populated by people looking for intimate stories, and The Dream Factory is very active on the app. The app perfectly supports photo clusters, which allowed us to share multiple photos of various Dream Kids.

In past workshops with the client and key stakeholders, we discovered that The Dream Factory’s value proposition is not the dreams themselves, but rather in the sense of joy the brand offers before, during, and after a dream comes true. The joy of a dream is felt by donors, staff, and extended families. The focus of the report was not on numerical values of dollars raised or dreams fulfilled. While these values were included, the true focus was on the personal stories and unique expressions of joy felt by The Dream Factory community.

The account consisted of 75 illustrated posts, which created one cohesive design when viewed as a grid. We also created Instagram Stories and highlights to share even more information and walk the user through the “tour”. We have done Instagram projects like this in the past and were able to create an original design for The Dream Factory that was youthful, engaging, and whimsical.


Overall, this project allowed a large audience to conveniently learn about The Dream Factory’s impact and meet the children whose dreams they made/could make come true by donating.


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