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Case Study: Designed to energize


Red Bull branded counter-top refrigerators had become a staple in most clubs and were now blending into their environment.

The energy drink giant needed a new element to introduce to its key venue, Bar Italia, that would resonate with its target customer: young adults enjoying the nightlife at this popular nightspot.

This solution would need to enhance the environment that it was in. Not only would the client have to approve the product, but the venue manager would too.

The client wanted an idea that was on brand, one that would contribute to the experience of a night out. The design needed to increase top-of-mind awareness and improve Red Bull sales at this location.

The client feared that if this project didn’t feel cohesive with the environment and authentic to the brand, the effort would be seen as tacky promotion.

Red Bull ultimately selected Vantage as the project consultant due to our reputation for our creativity and non-traditional executions.

Like our team, this client was open to unprecedented ideas that created opportunities for major impact.


We knew we wanted to avoid the branded “wallpaper” solution that appeared so often in our competitive analysis for this project. We needed to think a lot bigger than that.

We fully immersed ourselves in the Red Bull brand, both locally and globally. We learned as much as possible from both our key contacts at Red Bull, the proposed venue, and our target audience.

During multiple trips to the venue, we noticed the DJs had all their equipment on a folding table, the kind you’d see at a social or a bake sale, which they had to set up every night. This table was ugly, impractical, and uninspired.

Through our brand deep dive, we learned about the Red Bull Music Academy, a globe-trotting series of music workshops and festivals, founded in 1998 by Red Bull GmbH.

These two connections to music sparked our best solution: build a Red Bull DJ table.

Red Bull and DJs have a lot in common; they both drive courage and creativity.

The DJ controls the vibe of the venue and energizes a whole crowd, night after night. A Red Bull DJ table could elevate the DJ’s presence, boost their mood, and improve their performance. This, in turn, would improve the experience for all guests.

Our design needed to look good and be practical for DJs. We found that there are three key factors a DJ’s table needs: storage, power, and ventilation.

The table we designed included slots, similar to the record boxes found on many traditional turntables. These slots would provide airflow below the DJ’s laptop to prevent it from overheating throughout the night.

Our design provided a space for the DJ to secure their belongings during their set. This would keep the floor around them clear of any clutter.

This design also allowed for power access directly from the DJ table, so there would be no excess cables littering their space.

We needed to make sure the table was branded, but not in a tacky, obvious way.

Our design built the logo on the surface of a lightbox, beyond the wood veneer, that allowed the logo to clearly shine through or be entirely invisible, depending on whether the lightbox was turned on or off.

To ensure the table looked like a Red Bull table, the stance of it was inspired by the stance of a bull.


The client and venue owner both loved the final product. It was an unexpected solution, distinct and authentic to the brand, and it recognized the audience and key stakeholders as the top priority and inspiration for the concept.

With this table, Red Bull would be the centrepiece of each night, enhancing the experience and increasing top-of-mind awareness in an elegant and relevant way.

The venue owner now has a one-of-a-kind fixture that will help set their venue apart from other nightlife locations.

As a tool for creativity, this table created opportunity rather than a one-trick solution. This allows the installation to feel fresh year after year.

This was the first ever Red Bull DJ table. Over the years, many more have been created and fully embraced by the brand.

The Red Bull DJ Table won the award for specialty advertising at the Signature Awards.


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