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Manitoba Chambers of Commerce

Case Study: The voice of business in Manitoba


Reposition the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce brand to define and encourage their desired perception.

At the time, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce brand identity was outdated. It didn’t align with the organization’s relevance or its widely respected leadership role within the community.

All Chambers had unique brand identities, and this prevented consistency, recognition, and momentum throughout the hundreds of locations across Canada. The client was aware that every win and effort made across the Chamber network was diluted by its brand fragmentation.

The client wanted to completely rebrand and develop a new brand identity that would better reflect the strength of the whole organization and its collective vision. Not only would this rebrand work for today and well into the future, but it would also relate to any other Chamber.

The rebrand needed to clearly position the brand and define its purpose for both internal and external audiences, including future members. In the long run, this rebrand needed to provide consistency within the network.

This rebrand would help even the smallest, volunteer-driven locations have access to cohesive assets that would help them better contribute to their local community and grow their membership base.

The success of this rebrand would be based on board approval and implementation, as well as whether or not the solution was adopted by Chambers from other regions.


As the brand consultant for this project, we conducted intensive online research, qualitative interviews, and a VantagePoint™ Workshop with the brand’s key stakeholders.

Through this process, we gained vital insights about the audience segments we’d be targeting. We found that the Chamber network was made up of four key audience segments: community investors, community builders, business investors, and business builders. A thriving Chamber must have a healthy supply of each of these audience segments.

Additionally, we found that many small, volunteer-run Chambers across Canada had varying impressions of their primary purpose within the community and the national network.

There was a disconnect between local, provincial, and national Chambers. While each Chamber’s value proposition is unique, they all share complimenting and unifying ideas. These distinctions and similarities were not consistently understood amongst different Chambers or their external audiences.

We understood that the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce aimed to be the voice of business in Manitoba, and this voice needed to be consistent. This idea of open communication would be the cornerstone of the rebrand.

For this rebrand to be adoptable by any Chamber, we had to avoid acronyms and geographic/location-specific symbology in the new logo.

Instead, the new logo was simple and modern, including an open shape that resembled a speech bubble. This icon symbolized the voice of business and an open door, perfectly encapsulating the Chamber’s key message and the fact that it is a welcoming space for members of local business communities.

We provided the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce with completed brand positioning, brand identity development, brand guidelines, templates, and assets, plus video, digital, and print production.

This solution considered the positioning of the brand as a whole and met the needs of all regions instead of tailoring to a single location. This cohesive brand identity would command credibility upon first impression, all across the Chamber network.


A number of regional Chambers have embraced this shared branding, and new interest continues to grow. Overall, this rebrand helped personalize the brand and improve its onboarding process.

This rebrand was widely recognized and earned a finalist position for “Rebrand of the Year” at the Signature Awards.


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