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Little Brown Jug

Case Study: Inspired branding


Create the brand identity and applications for Little Brown Jug (LBJ): a trailblazing new craft beer company brewing in Winnipeg’s historical Exchange District. At this point, the company wasn’t launched and didn’t have any form of branding. We would be starting from scratch. 

Little Brown Jug’s brand would need to combine the founder’s passion for Winnipeg, architectural restoration, and craft beer. 

As a start-up, LBJ completely lacked an established and recognizable brand. LBJ beer was going to be sold in brown glass growlers. However, new, canned packaging would allow for a longer shelf life, more sales and marketing opportunities, and a stronger brand presence. 

LBJ wanted a good-looking and distinct brand that people would buy and buy again. We needed to create branded touchpoints that would build a consistent and reliable experience for LBJ customers.


Build a cohesive and distinctive look and feel that would differentiate the brand from its competitors and resonate with its target audience. 

Our team was involved in collaborative workshop sessions with the client to understand the LBJ story and what made the brand unique.  

This is when we came to understand the importance of the brewery’s location. The uniquely shaped building is full of history—it was originally the old livery stables for City Hall! 

While reviving the building to accommodate the brewery, the designers respected the original structure and repurposed as much as they could. The space was also designed using mostly local vendors. The 64-foot stretch of windows at the front of the brewery allowed for a great view of the neighbourhood and created a very welcoming feel. The founders believed this building provided transparency into the process of how the beer is made.

Our team knew that this building needed to be represented in LBJ’s branding. 


Drawing from the design of the building, the client’s story, and premium import beer ads, we were able to develop a distinct brand identity, a user-friendly website, and a storied logo. 

We also created additional branded touchpoints, including growlers, bar taps, coasters, glasses, packaging for 1919 (the brand’s most popular beer), branding for Golden Ale, and a sample application to provide vision and guidance into the brand’s future.

This work won Best Package Design and the Judges’ Choice award at the Signature Awards.


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