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Case Study: Ready for take-off


The Honolulu-based commuter airline wanted to reposition and rebrand in order to increase fares. Ideally, this effort would also create a sense of pride in Island Air, both internally and externally.

In order to become a widely respected brand, this client needed to establish a feeling of community between their team and the locals of several Hawaiian islands.

The company feared that the brand did not have substantial value. Their positioning did not resonate with their audiences, the brand identity felt irrelevant and dated, and the brand application was inconsistent.

This rebrand needed to feel authentic and transparent, while also being visually beautiful, elevated, and distinct. Employee adoption was key.

We would need to target employees, locals, travellers from California, and investors.


In charge of brand consulting and advertising, we diligently studied the brand, the local culture, and our competition. Our team spent months in Hawaii getting to know the Island Air team and the local communities.

From our competitive analysis, we determined that plane livery design was a flagship touchpoint. We conducted an exhaustive review of various global airlines to ensure our design would measure up and look distinct on the runway and tarmac.

The design was heavily inspired by Hawaiian scenery and the people we met during our visit. We personally oversaw the livery application to prevent any errors or excess costs.

In addition to the livery, our deliverables included a brandmark, corporate material, boarding passes, luggage tags, check-in desk designs, a website, digital advertising, and print advertising. Together, these touchpoints would create a recognizable and trustworthy brand that would ultimately contribute to a sense of customer advantage.


This new community-centred positioning resonated with all key audience segments, and the design solution was both beautiful and distinct.

Our advertising efforts converted fares, and the rebranded airline attracted acquisition by Larry Ellison (owner of Oracle).



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