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Case Study: Digital tasting


Gain new Grant’s Whisky customers and attract first-time tasters. 

In workshopping, we confirmed that those who are newer to scotch tend to perceive single-malts as better than blended scotch. Since Grant’s is a blended product, and a more affordable option, some may turn their nose up at it. 

We wanted to prove that your drink could be elevated when you pair it with Grant’s and serve it properly.


We created an integrated solution that engaged the target audience and elevated the product. The plan: create Grant’s mixed cocktails that we could promote and sample on- and off-premises. 

We spent a lot of our time honing our experiential services, and worked with a highly respected research company, IMI International, to verify our activation concept before executing. 

These activations were executed in dozens of locations including popular lounges, as well as liquor marts where the product was sold. The experience invited those 18 or older to use the latest touchscreen technology and real-time photo-editing to send themselves a customized photo from the activation, along with their choice from an array of Grant’s cocktail recipes—which were available to sample. 

A Grant’s ambassador was there to guide people through the experience. 

The ambassador’s knowledge added value to the experience and positioned Grant’s as the only option for recreating the mixed drinks they sampled. 

Each activation also included an instant spin-to-win contest. Prizes included Grant’s swag and a free appetizer from any one of the participating lounge partners.


This project resulted in a lift in local brand sales, and thousands of tastings were delivered to first-time customers.

The effectiveness of our activation was measured on IMI International’s 7-point scorecard. We scored a 7 out of 7, which they told us at the time was almost unheard of.


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