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Case Study: Hyperlocal


As Canada’s largest fitness brand, GoodLife wanted to resonate more deeply with their members. The competitive audit revealed many local competitors were copying the look and feel of our client.

This campaign would need to improve the club’s connection to the community, increase local traffic to the GoodLife website/corporate account, boost exposure for multiple locations, and highlight the new clubs being built in the city.


We conducted a VantagePoint™ Workshop with GoodLife executives and associates. We found that the community behind each club is truly what sets GoodLife apart from its competitors. The associates also shared how each club attracted a different audience based on the services and classes it offered, as well as its location.

Leaning into the idea of GoodLife’s community, we took a grass roots approach to this campaign. We created a unique Instagram account for each club in the city and customized the content on every account to resonate with each distinct audience.

Overall, the tone of each page was casual and encouraging, and the content focused on the gym members, as well as the associates who are well known and loved by GoodLife-goers. We also took the opportunity to step up the look and feel of their social assets. While staying true to GoodLife’s well-established brand positioning and guidelines, we nudged closer to a look that was more relevant to the local community—helping to further distinguish GoodLife from other fitness brands.

Celebrating everyday GoodLife members and staff created a feeling of pride and community. We used user-generated content (UGCs) to highlight the diverse community of people who workout at GoodLife, positioning the gym as an inclusive fitness centre for all abilities.

We created in-gym decals to encourage gym-goers to share their workout selfies, thus creating a large bank of UGCs to work with.

The campaign also included direct mail, transit, and billboard creative that featured local scenery and models—a departure from typical stock imagery of a city skyline. This choice made each piece feel recognizable and authentic to Winnipeg locals.


Socially, we focused on measuring engagement rate, impressions (per post and in total), link clicks, growth rate, and story engagement. We also monitored the rate of member growth compared to other markets across Canada. To determine if we successfully localized the marketing efforts of this Ontario-based client, we spoke to members of the Winnipeg business community and local GoodLife associates.


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