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Ace Burpee

Case Study: Building an influencer brand


Winnipeg radio host and local celebrity Ace Burpee was seeking an outlet for his (endless stream of) creative endeavours.

He feared that if his ideas weren’t properly launched, they wouldn’t have as great an impact on the community as they could. He also worried that there were tons of talented makers in the province who were not getting the exposure they deserved.

Ace wanted this solution to help him champion local creatives, tell stories that needed to be told, and create more good in the community.

This platform would need to capture his audience’s attention and clearly reflect his values.


We had worked with Ace in the past on a number of small projects, and we knew that he could create a super unique line of quirky and compassionate products.

We decided that we needed more than just a label for his creations; we needed an umbrella brand that would support the full extent of Ace’s mission.

We looked at the bigger picture. Ace wanted to positively impact his community with every move he made. We knew that a personal brand would help him reflect his values of community, authenticity, and local pride.

This brand could endorse and collaborate with local makers to help them reach a larger audience.

Be it food, apparel, or events, the Ace Burpee brand would tie every idea together and allow each effort to make a more memorable impact on the community.

Check out this video produced by Tripwire Media Group to see how we brought Ace Burpee’s brand to life:


We successfully created a brand that represents Ace’s values and beliefs.

The logo offers a feeling of quality with an outline that resembles a seal of approval. The arrangement of the typeface reflects closeness, creativity, and community.

Complete with the “born local” tagline, this logo contributes to a brand identity that fully embodies Ace’s vision.

Since collaborating with Ace on this project, we’ve designed several new products for his brand, including t-shirts, Valentine’s Day greeting cards, and BBQ peanut butter.

The profits from these sales have gone to many different Manitoban charities, like the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Red Cross (in support of the Fort McMurray fire).

“I continue to be blown away by Vantage. Their professionalism, creativity, and understanding of goals have been huge assets to me. I can come up with ideas just fine, but I need someone to bring them to life for me. Vantage makes that happen.” – Ace Burpee


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