The Problem

Bringing new product to market.

The Approach

Launch a new brand platform to roll out products.

The Solution

Introduce the first of many products to raise money for charity.

To help raise funds for a Manitoba charity, Ace Burpee decided to approach the market with a new food product – a barbecued peanut butter spread.

Building awareness for Ace Burpee’s BBQ Peanut Butter starts with defining the people who are going to be the product’s ambassadors and understanding what matters to them. They care about their communities and want to help make a difference; they are active and vocal about the causes they care about. To appeal to the tastes of the primary target, Vantage partnered with Ace Burpee to develop a cohesive brand identity that would reflect the values of this group of customers.

Ace’s BBQ Peanut Butter was just the introduction to a line of products by the local celebrity. We decided that we needed something more than a label; we needed an umbrella for a wide variety of his creations. The challenge was creating a brand platform that would support the future extension across a broad product range from peanut butter to t-shirts. Creating a professional and credible brand image would give the launch product the boost it needed to gain immediate traction in the market.

We created a brand that best represents Ace’s values and beliefs. The identity embodies the values associated with handmade products that come from the hands and mind of Ace himself.

Since collaborating with Ace, we’ve designed products including t-shirts and Valentine’s Day greeting cards for different charities like Heart and Stroke Foundation and Canadian Red Cross (in support of the Fort McMurray fire) – reflecting where Ace’s values and beliefs lie.

“I continue to blown away by Vantage. Their professionalism, creativity, and understanding of goals has been a huge asset to me. I can come up with ideas, fine, but I need someone to bring them to life for me. Vantage makes that happen.” – Ace Burpee