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Why Virtual Events Are Here To Stay

Plus tips for hosting your own

If the ball had been a virtual event, then Cinderella never would have lost her glass slipper, and she would have been able to find true love at her own speed instead of prematurely marrying some prince she had just met. The point is, there’s a case for virtual events.

Here are 3 reasons why 93% of event marketers plan to invest in virtual events (from Bizzabo, 2020) even after large-scale in-person gatherings are a go. 

More Accessibility 

Virtual events are more accessible than in-person events. Physical disabilities, illnesses, childcare—there are so many factors that could prevent someone from attending an in-person event. With virtual events, you can reach a wider audience. Plus, digital touchpoints could allow you to gather more engagement data. This makes lead generation easier and helps you earn a greater ROI.

Better Participation 

Live virtual events earn more participation than in-person events. Virtual events feel more intimate, and with the absence of a physical crowd, audience members will feel more comfortable participating. 

With pre-event polling, hashtags, breakout rooms, and comment sections, you can easily collect, organize, and respond to audience input. Greater audience participation leads to greater audience satisfaction.

Stronger Content 

Virtual events put more focus on the content. In-person events can use a lavish venue, free food, or luxe goodie bags as a crutch. Virtual events are all about the content. Of course, you can still add value to your online event with entertainment, virtual participation kits (relevant treats or tools your attendees can enjoy during the event), or electronically delivered thank-yous (personalized discount codes or resources).

Are you ready for virtual success?

Think back to the most successful virtual event you’ve attended. What made it so great? What did that event feature that others didn’t? Can your brand adopt and improve upon these practices? 

Let’s talk digital solutions and bringing your brand’s best ideas to life. Contact us (we can meet virtually).

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