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Workplace culture motivates your team, fosters talent, makes conflicts easier to resolve, and inspires new work. But a workplace culture shouldn’t be forced upon your team. It should be created from the individual goals and ideas that unite its members. 

We asked our team to share the mottos that guide them in their work at Vantage. Here’s what they had to say:

It’s a great day to do great things.
Seif Yousef, Digital Marketer

“Digital advertising is insanely dynamic. There are new things and ideas daily. Staying on top of these changes and improving the performance of my ads week over week is important. When I make that happen, it’s a great day!”

Don’t doubt your work.
Essence Matthews, Sales Associate, Made Here

“I’ve always had hard times with jobs and being confident in my work. The fact that I went from a volunteer to a paid staff member at Made Here makes me realize that I am a valuable team member. Working in the store has really helped boost my self-confidence.”

Winning isn’t everything.
Pablo Steinberg, Production Director

“Winning really isn’t everything. Learning to win is easy, but learning to lose is hard. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to win. Making an effort is important, but endurance—falling and getting back up—is also valuable.”

Work for a cause, not for applause.
Emmanuel Deato, Graphic Designer, Print Shop by Vantage

“To me, this means that it’s more important to work hard and do your best for the sake of the client than it is to show off your skills for your own benefit.” 

If not the client, then who?
Matthew Molnar, Print Specialist

“A mentor told me this once. They were criticized in an architecture class for considering the needs of the client too much, and their response to that criticism was, “If not the client, then who?” I’ve always felt that to be the core question I ask myself at work—who am I doing this for and what are their expectations? I’ve found that as long as I keep those needs (be it those of a direct client, my co-workers, the leaders I report to, or the community at large) foremost in my mind, I can deliver the best results. I know I won’t hit perfection 100% of the time, but as long as I keep the client’s needs paramount, they’re going to get what they need, and I know they’ll have a positive experience.”

Don’t believe what you think.
Kyle Romaniuk, President

“Every decision and assumption you make is based on a very small sliver of information. You never have the whole picture. This idea guides me in my work. It motivates me to be open and flexible, and to constantly seek new vantage points and experiences. When it comes to stakeholders, I’m careful to consider both those directly impacted and those who may seem irrelevant at first glance. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, immerse yourself in the experience, and observe others during their experiences. Ask questions, understand why, get below the surface.”

Save the day.
Marina Nagornaya, Project Coordinator

“It might sound cheesy or too ambitious, but this is the motto that motivates me every day. I like to oversee everything in my accounts and pay close attention to tiny details that might be overlooked. Participating in remote meetings is vital in my role. Our meetings and internal communications are a blend of new ideas, revisions, client feedback, and new launch dates that can easily slip away or get mixed up. I work to save these things from slipping through the cracks.

I’m always taking detailed notes and actively listening—catching not only what was said but also tone of voice or body language. I always like to work proactively. I remind the team of internal deadlines and help them prioritize their daily tasks. This way, the team can work without excessive pressure and can focus on producing amazing results on time.”

The devil is in the details.
William Zheng, Software Developer

“Programming must be one of the most detail-oriented skill sets in the modern world. At the end of the day, programmers are responsible for writing code with the intent of minimizing bugs and preparing for unpredictable changes in direction, and that requires thorough attention to detail.”

If you have big dreams, set small goals.
Melissa Penner, Local Buyer 

“Small goals are attainable, and before you know it, all the small goals you’ve accomplished will add up and get you to your dream in the end.” 

Always be kind.
Donavan Robinson, Vantage’s Founder/Principal

“As a person leading many teams over the past 15+ years, being kind has always been the most successful approach, and the most rewarding. Every time I experience kindness from someone, it’s always motivating, and I want others to feel that same motivation. Being kind and understanding can make a big difference.”

Don’t be afraid to fail.
Cher Mayuga, Shop Manager, Made Here

“I used to be so afraid of failure that I would avoid trying new things altogether. Putting myself outside of my comfort zone has definitely helped me grow—not only personally but professionally, as well. I was afraid of applying for the Shop Manager position at Made Here, but I applied against my doubts. I feel the position is a perfect fit and is exactly what I was looking for as the next step in my career.

As the Shop Manager, I am always setting goals for myself and my team to work toward. Whether it’s a large sales goal or a daily task, it all makes a difference and contributes to our overall success.”

Wear your positive pants today.
Maria Paula Cely, Project Coordinator

“This motto reminds me to start my day strong and positive. It helps me approach any challenging or stressful scenario in life or work. The pants give me the power to find the good side of any problem that may arise and learn from it.”

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
Ngoc Truong, Office Admin, Print Shop by Vantage 

“I love working at Print Shop because it is a fast-paced workplace, and I thrive in an environment where no two days are alike. I do my best to have a work-life balance and can only perform at a job where I’m having fun!”

Don’t stress over what you can’t control.
Felipe Lencastre, Account Executive 

“When you work with so many different people on a daily basis, there are always external factors that are out of your control. This means sometimes we have to rework a task or that my workload becomes kind of overwhelming. A year ago, things like that would stress me out or put me in a bad mood. I’ve learned that it’s more effective to focus on what I can control, like my attitude and my effort.”

The possibilities are endless.
Leah Dooley, Graphic Designer 

“This motto helps motivate me creatively. It helps me keep an open mind; there’s always something to work with and many directions to take when starting a new project. 

Reminding myself of this really helps keep the creative juices flowing.”

There’s always room for creativity.
Deepak Malhotra, Senior Graphic Designer

“This motivates me to look at every project through a creative lens and bring something unexpected to everything I produce. I love experimenting with my work.”

Don’t do two illegal things at once.
Zoë Mills, Copywriter

“In writing, there are so many laws we’re taught to follow to ensure our writing is proper. Properness is never my goal. Instead, I aim for personality—giving every piece that x-factor—and clarity. 

The more natural copy sounds, the more accessible and emotionally impactful it’ll be. Throw in a few outlaws—a swear word, a rogue ‘gonna’ instead of a prim and proper ‘going to’—and your writing will be more shocking, commanding, and memorable. But, to retain readability (clarity, validity, the reader’s respect), you can’t double up on your crimes. If you start breaking a bunch of rules at once, the risk will lose its effect and you’ll just look messy.”

Good ideas keep the eyes shining.
Vanuza Amarante, Designer

“What motivates me and keeps my eyes shining is having a mind full of ideas. I love brainstorming and discovering potential actions for current or future projects. Having a team where I can exchange these ideas openly really makes a difference!”

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.
Lindsey Cabato, Office Manager, Print Shop by Vantage 

“Throughout my life, I’ve learnt that we can all learn from challenges and changes. If I’m not being challenged, then how can I grow further as an individual? The same applies to the workplace. When I present a challenge to the team, I can encourage them to learn and grow from it.”

Find what motivates you.

Take a moment to get to know your own team. Find out what motivates them in their work. Highlight the individual talents they bring to the table. 

In addition to keeping your team engaged and motivated, your culture encourages the qualities your workplace wants to attract. Making your culture known will help you connect with the right talent and customers. This means growth for both the business and the individuals behind it. 

You can find our favourite team-building tools here.

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