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Survival of the fittest applies to brands, too. If your brand fails to evolve (i.e. keep up with your audience’s changing needs) it will go extinct; your customers will ditch your brand for a more innovative competitor.

Adaptable brands are irreplaceable brands. Building an adaptable brand requires continuous action and engagement before, during, and after each evolution. Our VantagePoint™ Workshops are designed to strengthen your brand during each phase. Here’s how:

Be GreaterThan™

Change before you have to. Commit to being greater than your last effort, not because your brand’s life depends on it, but because regular innovation is essential.

Our VantagePoint™ Workshops revolve around collaborative development so your team can be greater than the sum of its parts. Our group brainstorming exercises help your team hone their brainstorming skills, expand their comfort zones, and discover new opportunities for development.

These tools focus on using empathy in the workplace, especially between your team and your target audience. Your entire team needs to deeply understand your ideal customer. This is who you’re evolving for. Know your customers’ goals, and innovate in the direction of your audience’s needs.

Change your vantage point, not your values.

VantagePoint™ Workshops can help you better define your brand values. When your team knows what you stand for, you’ll be able to stay true to these beliefs as your brand evolves.

Your audience should recognize you by your brand values. Making your brand values known will help you connect with the right audience on a deeper level. Being valued for what you stand for (rather than an expendable offer, specific campaign, surface-level aesthetic, etc.) makes for a more loyal customer relationship.

Staying true to your brand values will keep your evolution authentic and help you retain your audience’s trust.

Reimagine, reroute, repeat.

After you change, change again. Your audience’s needs and expectations will never plateau. Consistently study your audience to understand their most recent pain points, goals, and habits. Noticing what your competitors don’t will help you offer solutions that your competitors can’t.

Making inspired innovation a part of your daily routine will prepare you for sudden industry changes—like new technology, a PR crisis, or a global pandemic. You’ll be in the right mindset and have processes in place to adapt effectively, all while remaining a reliable part of your audience’s life.

We worked with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce to show what happens when business owners step outside their comfort zone to offer new, meaningful experiences. With the #ReimagineWPG campaign, we highlighted how local businesses responded to their customers’ needs, shifted their plans while staying true to their values, and found a way to be better than they were pre-pandemic.

Let’s get started.

Shifting your vantage point will strengthen your team, spark new ideas, and help you build a scalable brand.

Welcome change. Start by shifting your vantage point. Think your brand could use a VantagePoint™ Workshop? Contact us.

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