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How to Conquer The 3 Biggest Branding Challenges

Branding: it’s what keeps you reaching for the same shampoo time and time again. It’s what drives you to immediately buy the latest model of your beloved smartphone. It’s the reason you crave french fries when you see a certain shade of red and yellow together.

Branding rules each move your company makes and defines every relationship you will ever build. Truly great branding cuts through the clutter of competition to create fiercely influential customer communities. It breeds seemingly inheritable loyalty, commitment that surpasses logic. The key to creating a brand this powerful? Empathy.

Below are three of the biggest branding challenges, and our empathy-centred solutions to each.


You can’t build a brand in a day. It’s going to cost time and money, but remember—the less you invest in building your brand, the less you’ll get out of it.

A strong brand—a brand that understands its value and its customers—is the most powerful, long-term asset to your company. Strong brands can command higher prices and greater margins, and are awarded opportunities that weaker brands aren’t.

The way we see it, a strong brand is an empathy-centred brand. When you put your customer at the center of each touchpoint, you can foster a more loyal and influential customer base, and multiply your return on investment.

When your goal is to make someone’s life better, in a way that only your brand can, cash is the result, not the goal or the barrier.


The average person sees 5,000 ads a day. In a single minute, 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. In seconds, a Google search will show your customer thousands of companies that do exactly what you do but better, cheaper, or faster.

In this blaring environment, only great brands can cut through all the noise to capture the attention of the right people. Once you’ve captured their attention, you need to keep it. To ensure you’re irreplaceable in your customer’s mind, you need to prove to them that you are more than just your product or service.

Establishing your brand archetype will help you understand what your company stands for, which will help you resonate with your audience on a much deeper level. Don’t stop there. Once you understand what your brand represents, what emotional reward you can offer your customer, narrow down who this customer is—and is not. Develop a customer persona, or two, to determine who your ideal customer is and, most importantly, what they want, need, and fear.

An in-depth understanding of your audience will help you discover new ways to resolve customer pain points and add benefits to your value proposition. Your empathy-centred brand will be able to evolve with your customer’s changing desires and adjust to fast-paced shifts in the consumer landscape.


You need to deliver on your brand’s promise day in and day out. If your behaviour, attitude, messaging, and brand identity are not consistent, you might create the perception that your business is not consistently reliable.

Every member of your business, from product design to customer service, should be able to empathise with your target audience and have a firm grasp on your customer persona. This will inspire company-wide innovation and help your team create a consistently positive experience.

We’ve compiled our best business-building exercises that’ll help you reinvent or revive your brand, empathize with your audience, and align your team. Find them all in our VantagePoint™ Workshop PDF.

Building a great brand is possible

Invest time, energy, and empathy into creating a consistent brand that will resonate with a real, defined group of people.

This attention to branding will let you build a brand that attracts employees, generates return for investors, stays ahead of competitors, and can adjust to changing consumer preferences.

Wanna talk more about building an empathy-centred brand? That’s kind of our whole thing—let’s get in touch.

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