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7 Tips To Grow Your Business

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Success is bound to plateau or decline. We’re only human; we can’t always be on an upward climb. What really defines a strong brand (and Vantage’s own GreaterThan™ approach) is how you react when your success is challenged. 

Too many businesses experience unpredictable revenue. When profit takes a dip, you can either do something about it or find something (or someone) to blame. The latter may seem like the easiest option, but it only inhibits your ability to avoid greater financial troubles in the future. 

Many factors could attribute to a plateau or loss of revenue, including a change in demand, market size, or competition. Whether you experience challenges or not is out of your control, but what you can control is how you react to them. 

Here are seven tips to help your business bounce back from challenges and earn reliable growth:

Create Demand

A new product or service offering requires awareness and market demand. If the demand for your product doesn’t already exist, you’ll need to create demand. Focus on resonating with your audience and creating value. 

Attracting new customers means defining your distinct benefit and the target segment that will provide the best margins and opportunity to grow. You may also consider new business models, partners, distribution, and technology to enable scalable solutions.

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With digital solutions from Flypaper, you can measure demand anywhere, anytime. Conduct your own market research and capture results digitally, with or without access to Wi-Fi.

Garner Interest

Humans hate boredom, yet our attention is notoriously hard to keep. Your customers want to learn and be entertained; just don’t keep them waiting. Your goal is to offer your audience irresistible bait and reel them in quickly before they wriggle off the hook. 

Instinctively, people are attracted to what’s new, genuine, and relevant. You can build on this—tell stories that entertain, engage, inspire, and inform. Make sure these stories are relatable. To your customers, the most intriguing subject is themselves. 

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Create leads out of interest. Imagine ways to extend your interaction with a potential customer. Digital tablets can provide an enriched and premium experience for your customers while allowing you to capture leads that are ready to nurture. 

Make It Easy

It’s easy to get accustomed to day-to-day routines and miss out on opportunities to innovate. But with the right technology and creative thinking, something as simple as waiting in line can be transformed into a new experience for your customers.

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Simplify a tedious task. Self-checkouts at the grocery store and self-check-ins at the airport are expected these days. Being caught without digital touchpoints will seriously decrease the perception of your brand. Not only are these tools accessible, but they also allow for more organized events, lead generation, data collection, communication, and more. 

Surprise & Delight

Routines can be comforting to some, but they also allow us to slip into autopilot. We can unlock our phones, send texts, and log into accounts with our eyes closed. 

This makes things easy for UX designers. They don’t have to pull out all the stops to create a notable experience; they just need to be ever so slightly disruptive.   

We can also slip into autopilot during sales calls and meetings. We put our guards up and keep our expectations low. The good news is that this creates an environment where even the smallest change can surprise and delight.  

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Make onboarding fun. Think about alternative methods to training a new employee or skill-building with a senior representative. Sharing your organization’s assets, procedures, and culture doesn’t have to be limited to handbooks and lectures. Consider how you might incorporate gamification or role play.

Build Loyalty

Many companies don’t have the capacity to divide the task of lead generation, closing sales, and growing customer relationships. This means that the (ultra-important) task of delivering after-sales value gets put on the backburner. 

Checking in with your existing customers might not seem like a priority when newer customers are in the funnel. However, keeping track of your customer’s expectations, whether or not you’re meeting them, and what improvements are expected will help you earn a fiercely loyal customer community. 

After-sale nurturing and value-adding will allow you to convert customers into advocates and life-long supporters. These people will reward you with word-of-mouth advertising, written reviews, and social shares.  

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Give your customers something to talk about. How can you encourage your customers to share their experiences with their friends, family, and followers? 

Digital solutions allow you to create more accessible, personalized, and responsive experiences. This sort of care and attention is hard to come by and nearly impossible to deliver on a large scale without help from software. 

Unveil Value 

Many believe earning new sales relies on building relationships, but no matter how buddy-buddy you get with a client, you’ll never earn a 100% win rate without a solid value proposition.

Demonstrate knowledge and insights your prospect wants but doesn’t have. Teach them something new. Help them recognize the cost of the status quo and the benefits of change. 

By controlling the conversation from the beginning, you can challenge their mindset and introduce a new vantage point. You might need to reveal a pain point they haven’t experienced yet, but one they’ll certainly run into if they continue on their current path. A pain point you know how to help them avoid. 

More importantly, focus on the joy and success you will help them achieve. Steer the conversation toward your value proposition, and provide a solution that’s new to them and only executable with your help.

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Bring your sales aids to life. Create interactive digital materials that help communicate your value. Allow your customer base to explore personalized and educational resources with a single click.

Have Confidence 

Make sure your business is armed with the right technology and resources. Both your team and customers need to be equipped with the right tools in order to feel confident in their role within your organization, whether it’s their job to create stronger work or buy without hesitation.   

A well-documented growth plan and the confidence to see it through will empower you to recover from whatever is lurking around the corner. 

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