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There’s a pressure to fight for your space in this world. At vantage, we focus on connecting with those who need your brand in their lives.

Those who will clear a space in their world that only you can fit into.

Shift your VantagePoint

If you want to make a difference, you’ve got to embrace different perspectives. Our VantagePoint™ Workshops create a foundation for every project we work on. With customized tools and activities, these sessions are designed to engage your team, uncover new perspectives, and unlock new understandings of your brand’s strengths and weaknesses.

Be GreaterThan

The GreaterThan™ approach is a commitment to being greater than you were yesterday. This desire to grow and improve fuels work that continually surprises, engages, and motivates its audience.

We Are…

Candid – The word “assume” is a waste of breath. Only clear, concise, and honest communication will lead you to where you want to be.

Brave – Do what’s right. Instead of telling people what they want to hear, have the guts to introduce a new perspective and raise the questions that everyone else is too afraid to ask.

Creative – We create to process the world around us. To understand and contribute to something that is greater than ourselves.

Empathetic – Empathy sparks meaningful innovation. When we look at how our ideas affect others, we discover new vantage points and more impactful solutions.

Innovative – Don’t roll with the punches, throw the punches. Leaders adapt before they’re forced to.


Meet the talented
people behind our work

Vantage Sandbox

Welcome to the Vantage Sandbox.
This is a space where startups grow.

Here, our team, our clients, and our business partners can experiment and test ideas without judgment or limitations.

Have an idea worth testing? Contact us at hello@vantagestudios.ca and tell us more about it!


Made Here is the place to find premier handmade products and designs from a vibrant community of local makers and artisans. The best part: a portion of all proceeds support local children’s charities.

Made Here is made possible by Vantage Studios, Bentall GreenOak, and The Richardson Centre, as well as the amazing creative collaborators, volunteers, and sales associates on the Made Here team.

Check it out at madeheremb.com

Print Shop by Vantage is made for making.

This isn’t just your local print place, it’s your make-it-happen hub. If you want something printed, our Print Shop team has got you covered.

The Print Shop crew is a friendly bunch who take their craft very seriously, ensuring top-quality prints for whatever project you’ve got on the go.

Place your print orders at madeformaking.com or swing by the shop in the Richardson Concourse—1 Lombard Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Flypaper is a Vantage brand that helps you digitally enhance your brand touchpoints to capture and nurture leads or improve your customers’ experience.

Our team can offer the hardware, technology, and creative solutions you need to seamlessly digitize your business.

Check it out at getstuck.ca

Culture Card offers perks for arts and culture experiences. The idea was developed to promote diversity and inclusion amongst Winnipeggers, and the brand came to us for help with brand strategy, identity, app development, and ongoing marketing needs.

As a Vantage brand, Culture Card can grow to offer unique arts and culture experiences for staff of Winnipeg corporations and students of educational institutions.

Bizzz is an exclusive national business directory for Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade members.

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce originally hired our team to develop a brand name, logo, and website that would promote businesses.

With Vantage’s support, Bizzz has the ability to expand beyond Winnipeg, helping shoppers across Canada discover Chamber-vetted local businesses.

Outdoor Realm is an apparel company championing the positive effects of outdoor play on the mental health of Canadian youth.

The Trophy Case

We’ve done some great work over the years, and we’re not the only ones who think so…

Applied Arts Design Annual | Packaging Design Series | Hair Do Zoo

Applied Arts Design Annual | Jake | Hotels Booking Website

Applied Arts Design Annual | Toban Experience | Poster Series

Signature Awards | Original Music | Cocoon

ID Magazine | Design Distinction Award | Rooster Technologies

Signature Awards | Complete Campaign | Scotiabank

Signature Awards | Judge’s Favourite| Winnipeg Art Gallery

Signature Awards | Radio | Scotiabank

Signature Awards | Specialty Advertising | Red Bull

Applied Arts Design Annual | Food, Single | Gorp Energy Bar

Signature Awards | Outdoor Advertising | 94.3 FM

WIRED | WIRED Store in NYC | Oi Furniture

Signature Awards | Judge’s Favourite | Kildonan Place

Signature Awards | Outdoor Series | The Potato Coalition of Manitoba

Signature Awards | Rebrand | Firefly

Signature Awards | Website, Finalist | Aboria

Signature Awards| Packaging Design | Little Brown Jug

Signature Awards | Brand Identity, Finalist | Manitoba Chambers of Commerce

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Our own retail store has allowed us to connect with our community and donate over $20,000 to local children’s charities.

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